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Sonteé Duncan

Guest Artist

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Sonteè is a 21 year old dancer who had her sights out to dance in Madison in which she took a leap to two years ago. She started at Barrio where she partnered with Papa Kobina for various events which led to them inviting her into The MCD & HITTERZ collaboration where she gratefully joined.


She now teaches Lyrical and Acrobatics and is also looking to take up Ballet to get back in touch with her foundations.


As a child, she did Praise Dancing, Ballet and Tap and gymnastics up into Middle School/ High School. Where she focused Primarily on Commercial dance Hip Hop, jazz, Latin (Bachata


& Salsa) and Orchesis (Contemporary) and various other sports including Gymnastics and Poms etc.


She's now focusing on advancing in the commercial dance world and the freestyle street dancing world and eventually combining the two to be a forced to be reckoned with but all in due time where time will tell who prevails.

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