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'The Gratitude Project' by Madison Contemporary Dance merges dance styles

Melissa Perry, Wisconsin State Journal, Sep 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic rocked the professional dance industry. Dancers were forced to pause their training and performances, and some left the dance industry entirely.

After a few hard years, Sara Rohs, artistic director of Madison Contemporary Dance, wanted to create an experience that focused on something more positive: gratitude.

“Life has been so crazy and hectic for so many people, and I think recently I can just feel that busyness and that sense of nervousness,” Rohs said. “I think everyone needs joy, and I wanted an experience for my dancers that was joyful too.”...

Water Ballet Class Teaches Dancers Grace

Bailey Berg, Wisconsin State Journal, August 2014


     Walking into a ballet class, you expect certain things. Plenty of plies and pirouettes, perhaps an instructor calling out moves or clapping in time with the music, and certainly a plethora of puffy pink tulle.

     What you don’t expect is the overwhelming smell of chlorine.

At the Madison Contemporary Vision Dance summer intensive program in July, dancers took a break from their traditional ballet classes and worked on their technique in the pool....

Stage Presence: Students to show off Contemporary Dance Skills

Gayle Worland, Wisconsin State Journal, July 2012


     People know me as: Sara Rohs, wife, mother, dance teacher at A Step Above Dance and artistic director of Madison Contemporary Vision Dance, a professional adult dance company.

     Coming up next: MCVD will present a free show at 7:30 p.m. Saturday on the Rotunda Stage at the Overture Center, 201 State St. No tickets are needed....


Dancers from diverse traditions connect in their Vision

Lindasy Christians, 77 square, September 2011


     Madison Contemporary Vision Dance Company is more than a performing ensemble - it's a networking hub for young professional dancers.

     Think MAGNET in toe shoes.

     "I know people at every studio now," said Sara Rohs, the ensemble's artistic director. "I can say, ‘I think you'd be a good fit here.' ... I've been helping people get teaching jobs. I love it."


New Troupe highlights contemporary ballet

Jay Rath, 77 Square, September 2010


     The Madison area has a new dance company that grew out of an unlikely place — the baseball diamond of the Milwaukee Brewers.

     Ashley Grantin and Sara Willcutt-Rohs, the leaders of the new Madison Contemporary Vision Dance, met a year-and-a-half ago while performing with the Brewers’ Diamond Dancers. More than “just” cheerleading, the dance team performs before and after games, and during the 7th inning stretch....

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