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Intensive Tuition Fundraising

Buy Gift Cards and eGift Cards for your favorite store and earn up to %20 of your perchance toward your summer intensive tuition! 


What is Scrip Gift Cards?

Open the Raise Right App, buy an eGift Card, pay for it right away with a bank account or credit card. Copy and paste the e-card code if shopping online. If in-person just hold up your phone to have the e-card read. You can do this all while shopping. It's suggested to just start with groceries and gas to get in the hang of it. You do need to set up a bank account early so do that before you want to start shopping. Basics here:  


eGift Card Examples 




Chipotle Mexican Grill




Not everything has eGift Cards, they will add more as the app is new.



1) Sign up for Scrip Gift Card Fundraising - Madison Contemporary Dance Enrollment Code 699LF7FC743L6

2) Download Raise Right Mobile App

3) Connect your bank account and or add a CC

4) Shop as normal with eGift Cards

5) Save funds for your child's arts education 

Video - How To Use Scrip 



MCD Summer Intensive Info



We hope this will help support your dancer's training. 

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