"It is the mission of Madison Contemporary Dance Company to present original and diverse contemporary-based choreography in order to inspire audiences of all ages and backgrounds to appreciate a deeper connection to dance as a visual art-form, while also providing a platform for dancers and other artists to come together for resources, education, events, support, and community."



  • Adult Performance Company

  • NEW Apprenticeship Program for dancers age 16-25 

  • Free Outreach Classes 

  • Summer Dance Intensive

  • Community Performances

  • Yearly Fall Concert at the Overture Center

  • Holidays Collide Concert at the Mitby

  • Monthly Madison Dance Community Newsletter


Madison Contemporary Dance Company (MCD) was founded in 2010 by Sara Rohs and Ashley Burkland and was awarded nonprofit status in 2018. MCD is an adult company that performs at community events as well as an annual concert at the Overture Center. MCD is pleased to announce the addition of an all-ages community concert with open auditions planned for spring and summer 2018. 


MCD hosts a yearly summer intensive for students 11-25 years of age. This summer, July 8-20 hosted at A Step Above Dance in Monona, WI. MCD teaches workshops at dance studios as well as free community outreach classes at community centers, libraries, and museums, elementary schools, and daycare centers. 


Monthly, MCD connects dancers and teachers through the Madison Community Dance Newsletter which shares and highlights jobs, training opportunities, classes, workshops, events and concerts in the Madison area. The newsletter has 1,500 Madison area dancers and dance teachers subscribed. 


Sara Rohs has been a leader since 2010. Other notable leaders have been Allison Kenison, Corinne Jones, and Kimberly Smith. 

Sara Rohs 

Founder & Artistic Director