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Logging in to studio dashboard for the 1st time

  • Go to

  • Complete & save the “Create New Studio” Form

  • Complete & save the “Studio Director” Form


TIP: When reviewing any of the following items, rather than just ‘clicking a button’,  you may always  ‘right-click’ and choose to “open in a new tab” that way you will always be able to have your home/ admin dashboard open to easily refer to.


Festival: Creating & Uploading Entries​

Download CVS Template

TIPS: Whether entries are uploaded using a workbook/csv or if adding entries manually: 

  • Do not use ALL CAPS unless required for a Routine Name

  • Do not skip lines in the workbook/csv template

  • Be sure to use the same format for all birthdates

  • Do not add spaces between hyphenated last names - Example: Smith-Jones 

  • Each line in the workbook represents a dancer in a routine. For groups, each student within the group will be listed on their own line

  • Please review and merge any duplicate profiles before finalizing your entries

​Your entries are now ready to be uploaded


After uploading entries, the following warning message may be at the top of the entries page:

Some of the dancer profiles in your studio might be duplicates


This error may appear due to inconsistent spelling of names or because dancer names are very similar.

Duplicate accounts must be reviewed and updated before entries are finalized.

  1. From Your Festival Entries page, click Click Here to View. Or from the Dancers page click Merge Profiles.

  2. A list of dancers flagged as potential duplicates will be displayed. 

  3. If the dancers were flagged incorrectly, and they are separate dancers, click Ignore, and then Delete to remove the notification.

  4. To keep only one account, click either Keep Existing Profile or Keep New Profile and OK to confirm. Click Delete to confirm that you are deleting the incorrect profile. The data from the deleted profile will be copied over to the profile that is being kept.


Master Class Schedule  

Master Class Registration 

Download CSV Template file template again for Master Class Registration 

Fill in your spreadsheet using the notes above, then review for errors ​

Your entries are now ready to be uploaded

Have questions? Need Help? Email

What help to register? can format and upload your entries for you!

  • 0 to 20 entries: $15.00CAD per entry (~$11.00USD per entry)

  • 21 to 50 entries: $13.00CAD per entry (~$9.50USD per entry) 

  • 51 to 100 entries: $11.00CAD per entry (~$8.00USD per entry)

  • 101+ entries: $9.00CAD per entry (~$6.50USD per entry)

* includes formatting entry data information for upload only. Does not include making changes, indicating props or uploading music. For more information, email

Payment can be made by Venmo, PayPal, or Check


Venmo @MCDance-wi

PayPal @MCDance608 

Checks made out to

Madison Contemporary Dance

549 Zor Shrine Pl, Madison, WI 53719

*No cost for professional companies, college dance departments, and college dance teams to perform. Please pay for master classes or contact 


Thank you for joining Festival For A Cause!

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