2020 SEASON | Madison Contemporary Dance | United States


The Madison Contemporary Dance (MCD) 2020 season will incorporate the creation of a new fairytale-inspired by The Story of the Root-Children published in 1906 by Etwas von clan Wurzelkindern. 

MCD's adaptation updates the story of Root Children who are awakened in the spring by Mother Nature. The Root Children go on an adventure through the seasons ending in winter to rest until the next spring awakening. Throughout this journey adding positive life lessons taught through the joy of fairytales as a platform for learning using emotions and experience. 

Lessons are woven throughout the story about being brave, using breath, standing tall, having a willingness for continual life learning, and the strength of persistence. These lessons will be taught to the Root Children by Aunt Spring as they prepare for the summer celebration ball. The story continues into summer and autumn when the children go back under the earth to rest for the winter. 

Director of MCD Sara Rohs will be writing and publishing the story. She will be directing the MCD dancers and photographer to create the visuals for the fairytale book. The fairytale will be the basis for the 2020 season, where the story will be performed at events and in the theater. 

Madison Contemporary Dance emphasizes ballet movement while incorporating a modern twist. It is the dance of our time, utilizing artistry, storytelling, emotion, physical connections, spatial relationships and performance art to convey stories. 

The 2020 season will include 7 performances that will be free to the public to attend, many outdoor, to encourage people to find nature. The MCD fall concert will be at the Overture Center for the Arts Sept 19 and 20 2020

MCD will be bringing back Holidays Collide in 2020! Tentative performance date Nov 17 and 18



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