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Sara Rohs - Artistic Director MCD, Professional Dancer, Former Brewers Diamond Dancer, Dance Competition Judge, Teacher at Synergy Dance Academy, Madtown Hip Hop Crew, Choreographer

Raised in Minnesota, Sara trained at many Twin Cities dance studios including Zenon Dance Company, Ballet Arts, Stage Door Dance for Performing Arts, The FIRM, Dance Spectrum, and the Minnesota Conservatory for the Arts. She continued her dance education by becoming a member of the Augsburg College Dance Team, later becoming its captain for three years and then its coach for four years. She was a member of the Swarm Performance Team with the Professional Lacrosse League in MN.

Sara started the Ascending Star Dance Team in 2004 and was the director and dancer 3 years. Sara taught for Just for Kix summer camps and hosted workshops with the Augsburg College Dance Team. She was hired to dance professionally for various events.

After moving to Madison, Sara took courses with the UW Madison Dance Department. She danced with the Milwaukee Brewer’s Diamond Dancers for two seasons and was a member of the Madison area SweatShop Hip Hop Crew.

Sara founded the Madison Contemporary Dance Company (MCD) in 2010. In 2011 Sara started the monthly Madison Community Dance Newsletter to connect dancers with local opportunities.

Sara completed Lisa Howell’s Teacher Training Workshop in 2015. Sara has guest taught dance and choreographed for many dance studios and dance teams including college and professional dance teams and professional dance companies. Sara took a Love and Logic course and continues to study and apply methods to help children and adults thrive in learning environments.

She currently teaches at Synergy Dance Academy and judges dance competitions throughout Wisconsin. Sara also directs the Majestic Hip Hop Crew with Papa Kobina Brewoo. In 2022 Sara started the MCD Youth Program, giving student dancers and opportunity to learn, create, perform and build community.

Erin Alberts- MCD Company Member, Professional Dancer 

Erin Alberts brings over 15 years of dance experience to her role as a new member of our company. Her journey in dance began at the age of four, exploring ballet and jazz at a local studio. Over the next decade, she honed her skills in various styles, including pointe, contemporary, and lyrical, while also delving into the world of competitive dance.


Inspired by diverse influences such as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Alvin Ailey and Twyla Tharp, Erin found her passion for contemporary and open styles, blending elements from hip-hop, ballet, jazz, and acro into her choreography. Her creations often eschew conventional boundaries, reflecting her love for music of diverse genres. Combining contemporary movements with the unconventional beats of trap and house music, Erin showcased her innovative approach to choreography in her high school senior year solo. 


For Erin, dance is more than just a hobby—it's an intrinsic part of her being. Despite periods of distance, she always finds herself drawn back to the dance floor, where music guides her and choreography is an instinctual expression of her creativity.

Papa-Kobina Brewoo - Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher - Express Yourself, Teacher at Synergy Dance Academy, Founder, and Director of the Hitterz Collective

Papa-Kobina Brewoo, or Kidd Blaze, was born and raised in Accra, Ghana and moved to Madison, WI in 2001 with his family, in hopes for better education and more opportunities to help his family back home. It was in the 8th grade that he found his love for hip-hop upon stumbling across the TV show America's Best Dance Crew. Inspired by how the dancers expressed themselves through movement and music, he began watching YouTube videos as a start on his journey to becoming a hip-hop dancer. Since then, Kobby has appeared on MTV's Made, auditioned for ABDC, AGT, WOD and signed with DanceOn Network. On top of that, Kobby continues to win countless awards at competitions throughout the midwest. He feels blessed by all the opportunities he has had and continues to work towards earning his stripes as a dancer.  Kobby co-teaches the Madtown Hip Hop Crew with Sara Rohs.


Kobby is the founder and CEO of the Hitterz Collective whos mission is to provide a positive atmosphere where creative minds at all levels can learn, teach, network, and express themselves freely through artistry while being mindful of cultural history and to support the development and growth of the local art communities. The goal is to offer a platform and resources for educational growth, as well as to expand on the advanced repertoire of Performance, Music and Visual Arts. 

Molly Gehrmann - MCD Alumni, Dance BA, Recipient of Loyola University's Provost Fellowship in 2017, Choreographer

Molly Gehrmann is a dancer, performer, choreographer and educator based Madison, WI and New York City.


Born and raised near Madison, Wisconsin, she received her training locally at Virginia Davis School of Dance and continued her training at Loyola University Chicago's Dance Program where she graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Dance and minor in Musical Theater.

Molly recently graduated from the Professional Semester at Broadway Dance Center in New York City where she trained with world renowned choreographers such as Matthew Steffens and Andrew Wilson, and performed works of Emily Greenwell, Marc Kimelman, and Maleek Washington.


Molly has performed with New York Theater Barn and in numerous concerts and festivals in the Chicago area. She is an ambassador for Chicago The Musical with theaterMAMA and is an artist of RAW: Natural Born Artists in Chicago. Additionally, Molly trained and performed with the Mandala Dance Company in Rome, Italy.

Along side performing, Molly has a love for fashion and styling and spending time with her family and friends.

Lilly Crochet - MCD Company Member, Teacher at Synergy Dance Academy

Lilly Crochet is a multifaceted figure in the dance world, renowned as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer. Her journey in dance commenced at the tender age of three, marking the inception of over two decades of dedicated training. Initially, she honed her skills at West Side Performing Arts before transitioning to Synergy Dance Academy during her middle school years. It was within the competitive dance arena that Lilly's talents flourished, catching the attention of Tremaine Dance Conventions. As a high school sophomore, she became part of the esteemed Tremaine Performance Program, solidifying her commitment to the craft.


Specializing in an array of styles including Musical Theater, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, and more, Lilly's repertoire is as diverse as it is impressive. Her collegiate years at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) further enriched her skills, particularly in Musical Theater, where she delved into singing and acting alongside dance. Throughout her career, Lilly has graced numerous stages, notably starring in lead roles for productions such as Cinderella and Swan Lake during her high school tenure, and later participating in the MDC Concert "Gratitude" in 2023.


Lilly's accolades within the dance sphere are abundant, reflective of her unwavering dedication and talent. Garnering awards in various competitions, she earned recognition for her exceptional performances and commitment to character portrayal. Her transition into teaching and choreography has been equally remarkable, with her choreographic works often receiving acclaim and accolades at competitions. Collaborating with other artists, Lilly continues to explore new avenues of expression, with recent projects reflecting her evolving artistic vision.


Driven by an unwavering passion for dance since childhood, Lilly's aspirations remain firmly rooted in the pursuit of her Broadway dreams. While teaching holds a special place in her heart, it is the allure of the stage that ignites her deepest passion. As she looks ahead to the future, Lilly is poised to return to New York City, intent on realizing her ultimate goal of gracing the Broadway stage once more.

Taylor Kohlbeck - MCD Company Member, Professional Dancer 

Taylor Kohlbeck, a seasoned performer, choreographer, and teacher, stands as a beacon within the dance community, driven by a profound passion for artistic expression and collaboration. Her dance journey began at age 3, shaping a lifelong pursuit of movement and self-discovery through training at Monique's School of Dance and Center Stage Dance Studio in Minnesota. 


At the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Taylor pursued a BA in Dance and a BS in Psychology, delving into diverse styles under esteemed mentors like Joan Karlen and Michael Estanich, Jeannie Hill, Sarah Olson, and Pamela Luedtke. Her dedication shone through as dance captain of the UWSP Dance Team, choreographing captivating routines for national competitions like UDA Nationals in Florida. Taylor has gotten opportunities to perform and attend Joffery Jazz and Contemporary Summer Intensive in New York, ACDA in Nebraska, and Just for Kicks in Minnesota. 


Taylor's artistic endeavors extend beyond performance, with acclaimed choreographic works like "Revive" and "Silhouettes," which explore themes of resilience and grief. Infusing her work with psychological insights, she advocates for mental health awareness, seeing dance as a transformative outlet for both performers and spectators, fostering acceptance and growth in society. 

Sydney Blashe - MCD Professional Dancer and Choreographer, Teacher at Vera Dance Academy

This is Sydney’s 2nd year dancing with Madison Contemporary Dance Company.

Sydney has been dancing since she was six years old at the following studios; Barb’s Centre for Dance, Ignite Dance Studio, and Vera Academy of Dance and Gymnastics. She has been studying many styles including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern, Acro, Hip Hop, and Pom.

Throughout Sydney’s high school career she has attended several dance conventions including MCD’s summer intensive program and DX Event’s conventions. DX Event’s convention also invited Sydney to be an assistant instructor which Sydney accepted for the 2021 convention season.

While performing with her studio’s competition teams Sydney has received many awards for her dancing including three solo titles and several group titles.

In addition to training and competing Sydney has also developed an affinity for teaching and choreographing since she was fourteen.

Over the last four years she has been teaching and choreographing competition dance and has already received awards for her choreography.

Ashley Harty - MCD Company Member, Professional Dancer and Teacher 

Ashley Harty is a versatile dancer rooted in the contemporary world but drawing inspiration from an array of styles including hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. Her journey began at the age of 4, guided by supportive parents and influenced by dance luminaries like Mia Michaels and Alex Little. Raised in Racine, WI, Ashley honed her skills at Dance Arts Center, where she discovered her passion for movement and performance. Despite a hiatus during college, teaching dance became Ashley's calling, complementing her own performance aspirations.


Specializing in ballet and contemporary, Ashley's artistry is defined by her ability to craft intricate shapes that tell compelling stories through movement. From performing at prestigious venues like the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami to choreographing captivating routines, her presence on stage is both powerful and emotive. Notably, she showcased her talent through a self-choreographed solo for a concert organized by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, further highlighting her creative versatility and command of the stage.


Ashley's accomplishments include numerous competition medals and a notable $50,000 scholarship to AMDA College of Performing Arts in 2020. As a dedicated teacher, she imparts her knowledge and passion for dance to a new generation, shaping the future of the art form.


Collaboration is key to Ashley's creative process, whether working with fellow teachers on competition pieces or collaborating with esteemed choreographers like Connie Furlan. Through collective creativity, Ashley finds inspiration and enriches her artistic journey with diverse perspectives and experiences.

Sarah B - MCD Board Member and Choreographer 

Coming Soon!

Claire Berndt - MCD Company Member and Choreographer

Claire, a dynamic presence in the dance world, seamlessly intertwines roles as a creator, performer, and perpetual student. Originating from Waupaca, WI, her dance journey commenced in her early years, evolving through training at NEW Fusion Dance and Performing Arts in Green Bay, WI. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Grand Valley State University in 2023, Claire's dedication to her craft soared under the guidance of inspirational mentors and teachers, shaping her into the artist she is today.


Specializing in contemporary/modern dance, Claire thrives on the freedom of expression within this genre while eagerly exploring other styles. Notable achievements, such as performing her self-choreographed solo at the American College Dance Association's East Central conference in 2023, underscore her artistic prowess. Additionally, her collaborative spirit shines in group pieces, notably earning acclaim for a work adjudicated by guest artist Wallie Wolfgruber.


As both performer and choreographer, Claire radiates authenticity and generosity, fostering a community-driven approach to her art. Grounded in a passion for collaboration, she continually seeks growth and embraces new challenges, aspiring to inspire others through her unwavering dedication to the art of dance.

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