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What should I wear/bring to classes?


General Classes: 
Girls: Fitted athletic clothes -leggings, leotard and tights, fitted dance shorts, etc. Tights are optional
Boys: Tank top and shorts

Long hair in ponytail or bun 


Underwater Ballet:
Athletic swimsuit, Shower sandals, Towel


Hip Hop: 
Comfortable loose-fitting clothing


Shoes needed:

Ballet shoes

Pointe shoes (optional)

Turners, jazz shoes or paws
Tennis shoes for hip hop


Water bottle
Bag lunch and snacks

Exercise ball for PBT class  (We will share as only half the students take the class at a time)

Images from the Madison Contempoary Dance summer intensive.


What will I need for the performance? 


Girls: Black Leotard, fitted dance shorts
Boys: Black tank top and shorts or pants 
Tan turners, jazz shoes or paws

Performance tops will be provided 

There are no tickets needed 


What is underwater ballet!?


A ballet class in a pool! Dancing in water is an amazing way to articulate movements and activate the muscles needed for strong dance technique. The resistance water gives helps you to feel and isolate muscles. Jumps, leaps, and balances underwater give you time to create and correct your positioning. You will be standing at the bottom of the pool with water up to your shoulders.


What are Aerial Silks?


Aerial dance is the exciting new art form most notably seen in Cirque du Soleil. It combines the beauty of dance with the adrenaline of flight. No prior experience necessary.


Do I choose classes or do all students take all classes?


Students will take all the classes listed in the schedule. To accommodate for intermediate and more advanced dancers options will be given during classes as well as one on one instruction. Most classes will have more than one instructor to help dancers individually.


Do I need to prepare my student choreography before the Intensive?


Nope. Students will be given time and guidance during the intensive to create their own dances. Dancers may choose to create a duet, trio, or quad group piece.


What about Placement? 


The intensive is for dancers ages 11 and up currently in intermediate or advanced classes. We will not be holding auditions this year, so if you are unsure about whether this intensive is right for you, please talk with your current dance instructors or contact Sara Rohs at Our goal is to significantly improve the technique and knowledge of the dedicated dancer.


Can I mail a check instead of paying online? 

Yes. Please send it to Madison Contemporary Dance at P.O. Box 7605
Madison, WI 53707. Please fill out the registration form online. 




Can I take one week?


Yes, you can, although we recommend attending the full program. Please choose your week when making your payment for the Intensive or write in the dates on the memo line of your check.   



Are all the dancers together? 


We run three rooms separated by age so every dancer can get attention and be challenged. Teen and Senior room ages will vary according to the ages of students that sign up. We want to keep both rooms balanced to allow for space and teacher attention.   



Can a dancer be moved into the Senior Room if they need the challenge? 


Yes. Decisions to move dancers are made by Sara Rohs. Please contact her if you would like to request a move.


Do I need to drive my child around during the day?  

Nope! Most days we will be at the home studio location. One day each week we will be off-campus. The only day we move locations during the day is when we carpool from the pool to the gymnastics gym. We plan this out so the teachers and older students drive the 2 miles to the gym or we rent a bus. 


Need Housing?    

Airbnb in Madison for the days of the intensive 2023
UW Madison Dorm Rental 


Tuition Fundraising    

We know times are tough so we found a way to offer fundraising to help with tuition. If you would like to sign up now so you can pay the early rate and take time to do fundraising, please do so. The remainder of the tuition is due on July 1, 2022. I added this choice to the registration form. 

Our website page where you can find info

We made a video to show you how to use the app How To Use Raise Right to Fundraise


Safty in 2022  


We held a safe and successful summer intensive in 2020, and 2021. We will continue to follow updated safety measures this summer. For more details please see the A Step Above Safety Plan

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