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Claire Berndt

"I love dance because of the ability it has to evoke emotion in the audience and the dancer. Performances create a connection between both parties, sharing the feeling without words."


Claire's profound appreciation for the transformative power of dance underscores her commitment to creating meaningful connections and evoking emotion through her performances.

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My Story

Claire, a dynamic presence in the dance world, seamlessly intertwines roles as a creator, performer, and perpetual student. Originating from Waupaca, WI, her dance journey commenced in her early years, evolving through training at NEW Fusion Dance and Performing Arts in Green Bay, WI. Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Grand Valley State University in 2023, Claire's dedication to her craft soared under the guidance of inspirational mentors and teachers, shaping her into the artist she is today.


Specializing in contemporary/modern dance, Claire thrives on the freedom of expression within this genre while eagerly exploring other styles. Notable achievements, such as performing her self-choreographed solo at the American College Dance Association's East Central conference in 2023, underscore her artistic prowess. Additionally, her collaborative spirit shines in group pieces, notably earning acclaim for a work adjudicated by guest artist Wallie Wolfgruber.


As both performer and choreographer, Claire radiates authenticity and generosity, fostering a community-driven approach to her art. Grounded in a passion for collaboration, she continually seeks growth and embraces new challenges, aspiring to inspire others through her unwavering dedication to the art of dance.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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