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Ashley Harty

"I love to dance because it helps me be focused on the present and it allows me to express myself when I am at a loss for words. Dance is also a way to meet people who share the same passion as you which fosters a sense of community and connection. Dance gives me the opportunity to push myself in ways I never thought I could and surprise myself, which builds my confidence. It gives me my own voice to be seen and heard and allows me to feel my emotions on a deeper level that not a lot of people get a chance to experience. Lastly it just makes me feel empowered and gives me strength even when I feel like I have hit rock bottom."

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My Story

Ashley Harty is a versatile dancer rooted in the contemporary world but drawing inspiration from an array of styles including hip-hop, jazz, and ballet. Her journey began at the age of 4, guided by supportive parents and influenced by dance luminaries like Mia Michaels and Alex Little. Raised in Racine, WI, Ashley honed her skills at Dance Arts Center, where she discovered her passion for movement and performance. Despite a hiatus during college, teaching dance became Ashley's calling, complementing her own performance aspirations.


Specializing in ballet and contemporary, Ashley's artistry is defined by her ability to craft intricate shapes that tell compelling stories through movement. From performing at prestigious venues like the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami to choreographing captivating routines, her presence on stage is both powerful and emotive. Notably, she showcased her talent through a self-choreographed solo for a concert organized by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, further highlighting her creative versatility and command of the stage.


Ashley's accomplishments include numerous competition medals and a notable $50,000 scholarship to AMDA College of Performing Arts in 2020. As a dedicated teacher, she imparts her knowledge and passion for dance to a new generation, shaping the future of the art form.


Collaboration is key to Ashley's creative process, whether working with fellow teachers on competition pieces or collaborating with esteemed choreographers like Connie Furlan. Through collective creativity, Ashley finds inspiration and enriches her artistic journey with diverse perspectives and experiences.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Instagram - @Ashbemazing

Youtube - @ashforever6390

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