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Jaycelie Stewart

"My creative process is mostly to just listen to a song and if it moves me to dance then I start freestyling."


Jaycelie's intuitive approach to creativity underscores her deep connection to music and movement, allowing her to craft mesmerizing performances that captivate audiences and evoke emotion.

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My Story

Jaycelie, a vibrant addition to the dance community, began her journey at Bella Beauties dance studio in Milwaukee at age 11, under the guidance of mentor Chrystal Lester. With a foundation rooted in diverse styles like ballet, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary, she swiftly emerged as a dynamic force in dance.


Specializing in hip hop and jazz, Jaycelie's expertise in isolation techniques distinguishes her artistry. Her tenure with Bella Beauties saw her grace stages at Bucks games and Summerfest, showcasing her talent and versatility.


Recognized for her dedication, Jaycelie has earned scholarships to competitions and intensives, highlighting her commitment to continual growth. Alongside her freestyle prowess, she demonstrates choreographic flair, contributing to jazz routines and teaching dance classes.


Fueled by a holistic connection to mind, body, heart, and soul, Jaycelie's artistry is characterized by authenticity and joy. Her professional journey reflects a pursuit of happiness and cool, rooted in a vibrant spirit and boundless creativity.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

You can find me on Instagram @jclie23

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