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Sontee' Duncan 

"Dance your heart out. Dance is an art, your body is the canvas, and your movement is the strokes."


Sontee’ encapsulates the essence of dance as a transformative art form, where every movement is a brushstroke on the canvas of expression. Her commitment to excellence and passion for the craft shine through in every performance and endeavor.

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My Story

Sontee’ is a versatile dance professional who discovered her passion for dance at a young age and has since honed her skills through various styles and experiences. Specializing in lyrical dance, she excels in techniques such as double turns, toe touches, and hitch kicks. Sontee’ has trained with professionals in the industry, performed at prestigious events, and shared her love for dance as an instructor at Studio Dansu. She continues to seek growth and improvement in her own dance journey while embodying the transformative nature of dance as an art form.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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