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Holidays Collide Project Evaluation 

Surveys (Who, when and where will you survey?)

Student participants, their families, and adult professional participants will be given paper surveys to complete during the last dress rehearsal in the studio. A survey page will be added to the program for audience members. We will have baskets to collect surveys and those giving out programs will ask people to fill them out. 


One on One Interviews (Who, when and where will you interview?)

Sara Rohs will interview families and adult performing artists who participate in the program. Interviews will be scheduled before and after rehearsals.  


Data Collection (Who will collect the data? When and where? What data will you collect?)

Grace Enfield will collect numbers and ages of participants from our registration forms, the number of children covered with the Community Outreach Program, and audience member attendance from the Midby theater after the performance. 


Observation (Who will observe? When, where, and what will they observe?)

The Board members who live in Wisconsin will attend the concert and give feedback. The two board members who live out of state will review a video of the concert and give feedback. Sara Rohs will be observing the student participants, choreographers and adult performers through the process and giving the cast activities to encourage cooperation and community. 

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