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Taylor Kohlbeck

"Dance revolves around mind, body, and spirit. Through my work as a dancer and choreographer, my focus introduces psychological effects and brings realization and acceptance toward mental health. In society, emotion drives, grief has stages, we watch struggle, and we are bystanders. I believe that acceptance comes from realization and confrontation. In my setting, dance is therapy for the performer and watcher. Emotions are beautiful, and life is beautiful. The slightest physical touch is an explosion of acceptance. As a performer and choreographer, I want to confront the realization that we all struggle and through a struggling society, growth comes from harmony."


Taylor's profound dedication to her craft serves as an inspiration to aspiring dancers and artists, embodying the values of authenticity, perseverance, and positivity.

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My Story

Taylor Kohlbeck, a seasoned performer, choreographer, and teacher, stands as a beacon within the dance community, driven by a profound passion for artistic expression and collaboration. Her dance journey began at age 3, shaping a lifelong pursuit of movement and self-discovery through training at Monique's School of Dance and Center Stage Dance Studio in Minnesota. 


At the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point, Taylor pursued a BA in Dance and a BS in Psychology, delving into diverse styles under esteemed mentors like Joan Karlen and Michael Estanich, Jeannie Hill, Sarah Olson, and Pamela Luedtke. Her dedication shone through as dance captain of the UWSP Dance Team, choreographing captivating routines for national competitions like UDA Nationals in Florida. Taylor has gotten opportunities to perform and attend Joffery Jazz and Contemporary Summer Intensive in New York, ACDA in Nebraska, and Just for Kicks in Minnesota. 


Taylor's artistic endeavors extend beyond performance, with acclaimed choreographic works like "Revive" and "Silhouettes," which explore themes of resilience and grief. Infusing her work with psychological insights, she advocates for mental health awareness, seeing dance as a transformative outlet for both performers and spectators, fostering acceptance and growth in society.

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