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Taylor Rosenthal 

"Dance gives me the opportunity to express myself through movement and connect with music. I love the freedom that dance allows me to feel and the shared connection with the community. There is something so special about dancing with other artists and experiencing it all together in the same space."

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My Story

Taylor Rosenthal returns for her third year with Madison Contemporary Dance. Her journey in dance began at age three in Evanston, IL when she started training at Dance Center Evanston. Growing up, Taylor trained in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, and hip-hop, laying the foundation for her multifaceted approach to dance.


While earning her degree in Mechanical Engineering from UW-Madison, Taylor continued to pursue her passion for dance, minoring in the art form and honing her skills in contemporary. Throughout her dance journey, she has had the privilege of collaborating with other artists and organizations in the Madison area, including performances with Isthmus Dance Collective and collaborations through Madison Contemporary Dance.


As both a dancer and educator, Taylor's impact extends beyond the stage. She has choreographed various pieces for her college dance company, spanning ballet, contemporary, jazz, and tap styles, showcasing her versatility and creativity as a choreographer. Currently, Taylor shares her expertise as a teacher, imparting her knowledge and passion for ballet, jazz, tap, and contemporary to the next generation of dancers.


Taylor's artistic vision is driven by her deep connection to movement and music, finding solace and expression through dance. She cherishes the freedom that dance gives her and the sense of community that comes with shared experiences on the stage. Collaborative endeavors, such as those with Isthmus Dance Collective's Bike Path Festival and DELVE, have allowed Taylor to explore new artistic horizons and forge meaningful connections with fellow dancers and artists.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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