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Nikki Clyce

Raised in Middleton, Nikki began dance training at the age of three at Kehl School of Dance for 11 years then continued studio dance at Madison Professional Dance Center for four years competing many styles in Madison and in Chicago. Sophomore and Junior year of high school she was apart of Middleton High School’s Varsity Dance Team where she competed at many competitions, including qualifying for WACPC State. While on the high school dance team, she earned a spot on Universal Dance Association All State Team as well as placing Top 7 state two years in a row with Middleton.


Upon graduating from Middleton High School (Class of 2017), she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue commercial dance. Since moving to LA, Nikki has trained under many well known choreographers such as Hamilton Evans, Lando Coffy, and many more as well as performing in well known dance showcases known as Club Jete and Club Posers.  Besides continuing her training/career in the professional world, she also teaches at multiple dance studios in LA.

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