Jordan Snider

Jordan Snider was a two year member of MCVD. Jordan began her love for dance at Barb’s Centre for Dance in Green Bay, Wisconsin when she was 3 studying various styles of dance. She continued her studies and graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a double major in dance and psychology and a certificate in leadership. Within her education, she has had the opportunity to study and perform under profound artists such as: Li Chiao-Ping, Peggy Choy, Kate Corby, Zi Hao Li, Andrea Harris, Mariah LeFeber, Karen McShane-Hellenbrand, Robin Pettersen, Liz Sexe, Marlene Skog, Collette Stewart, Chris Walker, Michael Whaites, and Jin-Wen Yu. She also had the opportunity to attend various workshops including ACDFA in Madison, WI and Mankato, MN.  During her time in Madison, Jordan participated and held offices in Optima Dance, a student led dance organization.  She also contributed to the dance community by organizing the Madison Dance Conference 2011-2013. Jordan also worked as a stage manager and stage crew for shows held at the Margaret H’Doubler Theater at UW-Madison.

To further her education Jordan spent time in New York City. She attended the Break the Floor Tap Conference during July of 2006, where she had the opportunity to dance in an off-Broadway show.  In 2010, she performed in the World Dance Alliance; and in 2011 she attended Dance Education Laboratory to further her dance teaching education. Jordan also participated in Arts Alive in Chicago, Illinois during 2012. Chicago also provided Jordan with the opportunity to teach tap as a guest artist during the fall of 2012.

Jordan currently teaches multiple styles at Barb’s Centre for Dance. She also loves working with people and is energized when she can share her love of dance with others.