Brad Orego

From Buffalo, New York, Brad has been a dancer since college, but a mover as far as he can remember. As a tri-season athlete in high school, he was interested in trying something different when he entered his studies at the University of Rochester. Starting with ballroom dance his freshman year, he quickly began trying different styles and disciplines, adding hip hop, Capoeira, and breakdance to his studies. After a few more classes in the Program of Dance and Movement his junior year, Brad joined the Ballet Performance Group. He then began his formal training in ballet, jazz, and contemporary with the Pittsford Dance Studio and Park Avenue Dance Company. Brad has understudied with Biodance in Rochester, New York and has choreographed and performed with the Ballet Performance Group, UR Ballroom Dance, Sihir Bellydance Ensemble, and the U of R’s Program of Dance and Movement. He became the first Dance minor from the University of Rochester. 


Brad has also studied with Koresh Dance Company, Wayne Ballet and Center for Dance Arts, Kanopy Dance Company, and the Madison Professional Dance Center. He holds a 1st degree black belt in ITF TaeKwon-Do and a green-yellow cord from Capoeira Mandinga Rochester. Brad holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Psychology.